Manage My Prescriptions
To manage your prescriptions well, you need to find a specialty pharmacy that’s able to fill your prescription. To find a participating specialty pharmacy, simply search for your medication on the left.
Transfer & Refill a Prescription
For specialty medications you take on your own, a specialty pharmacy will be able to help you transfer your active prescriptions from your current pharmacy. If you’re out of refills, the specialty pharmacy will contact your doctor to get a new prescription.
Get Refill Reminders
We help make refill reminders a breeze. Your specialty pharmacy will call you a few days prior to when you need to refill. Plus, you can sign-up for text message reminders online in the pharmacy section at
Experience Safe, Reliable Delivery
  • Refrigerated medications will be shipped overnight in temperature-controlled packages (where available)
  • All other medications will be shipped 1 to 3 days after order is complete.
  • Medication supplies provided at no extra cost
For Medications Given by a Health Care Professional
Some medications must be provided by a health care professional such as a doctor or nurse. We’ve partnered with specialty pharmacies and home infusion providers to offer affordable coverage options for these types of medications.
To help you keep costs down and get the most from your health plan benefits, work with your doctor to choose:
  • Who provides your health care services
  • Where you receive treatment with these medications
  • Where your doctor obtains the medications
Find Your Medication
It's easy to find information on your medication and where you can get it:
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